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My Story

I am a ceramic artist. My passion is figurative sculpture. I also enjoy playing with new ideas and creating new things that push my boundaries. I have felt the passion to create things since I was a little girl. My fifth grade report on what I want to be when I grow up was on becoming an artist. I don't even think I knew what that meant at the time but it called to my heart.


I have followed that calling by getting my BFA in ceramic sculpture from Sonoma State University in 1999. Since then I have had several makeshift studios. I now have a wonderful space to work in my home studio, Three Trees Studio, named after my three children: Sequoia, Magnolia and Willow.

Since becoming a mom I have found it hard to balance being a homeschooling mom with creating art. 2022 was the year I forced the shift back to getting my hands dirty more often. I am finding the space in my life to fulfill my need to make things. My children sometimes join me in the studio. I love this special time of connection with them. 

My 50th birthday just passed and I have looked back to that fifth grade little girl and my three special children to inspire me to follow my dreams.

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